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And now the summer holidays

I can’t quite believe it is summer holiday time already. We have no plans to go away until September so for the next 5 or 6 weeks we’re stuck in that limbo where if I decide to do work, they’ll … Continue reading

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Ok, so I’m a bit behind.

Sometimes it’s easier to draw a line under the missing weeks and start again or it might well drag on. We’ve spent the last 4 or 5 weeks getting into some kind of routine with our home ed. I started … Continue reading

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Time to separate?

Brain dump alert 😉 I’ve been looking forward to getting back to some formal, sit down work with my two. Marcus is happy to do anything, but if we leave his education to himself to choose he doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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The next chapter

I was just adding links to my old blogs in the ‘about us’ page and realised that when I started my last blog in 2005 it was the beginning of official home ed for Marcus. This year has seen him … Continue reading

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