And now the summer holidays

I can’t quite believe it is summer holiday time already. We have no plans to go away until September so for the next 5 or 6 weeks we’re stuck in that limbo where if I decide to do work, they’ll magically find friends to go an play outside with, but if I don’t they’ll mope in the house 😉 Oh fun!

It does give me time to get them interested in oustide things again like we did so much last year. I’ve set up a new site where I am planning to have ideas for ways to get kids outside, so I am super motivated to get them out. I’ve heard bad things about the weather though so who knows how it will all pan out!

Alex went off on a fab summer camp last week and had an absolutely fantastic time. She was ready to come home, but they had loads of days out and even did lessons which she said were ok, but didn’t make her want to go to school!

While she was away last week Marcus had a friend over and we had a couple of trips in to Sheffield to the museums there. Felt like it was busier than it sounds!

So we’re planning on taking things easy over the summer and concentrate on a few things like writing which neither of my kids do much of and I’d like them to improve so they can either hand write a journal next year or start a blog. Maths is taking a back seat, we do like to just completely leave it once in a while and let it stew in their brains 😉 Spanish will keep going too and Alex will try and keep up with her recorder.

And then, no doubt it will be September soon enough!

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