Poor neglected blog

Argh, I am definitely struggling to pay attention to more than one thing at a time right now! I have been blogging a bit over at our travel blog, but not much home ed stuff being talked about.

Alex is off to boarding school this week (!) at a summer camp, but they are doing lessons! I wonder how she’ll cope with it all. I was worried about her writing which has always been a bit of an issue. Mostly it’s her spelling, but you know, she’s been doing ok at texting home! She’s been spending a lot of time chatting with friends online and I think that has helped her a bit. She does still come out with daft things like how do you spell ‘if’, but I take a deep breath and try not to worry… too much.

We’ve been having loads of days out lately. We’ve been to Legoland (for someone’s 12th birthday – 12!!!!!), to the local Wildlife Park, tropical butterfly house. We’ve had a small city break to Liverpool, some trips to the beach and probably many more that I can’t remember!

We’ve been trying to keep up with our history thursdays with our friends, but we’ve struggled to keep it up due to life taking over on those days. We have learned loads though, despite being a bit rubbish, and we’ve finished up learning about ancient egyptians, babylonians, phoenicians and now we’re onto the ancient greeks. Just in time to coincide with the Olympics!

We’re learning Spanish at the moment as well which I’m hoping we can keep up with and maybe even organise getting some lessons before we head off next year. Spain is high on our list of places to visit one day so it’ll be good to have some basics. I shall do a post of resources we’ve used once we’ve had a good go at them.

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