Crazy weekend – part one

So after 2 months of fairly quiet life a majorly busy weekend.  It started on Thursday with a visit to the Big Bang Science fair which was held in Birmingham this year.  We went last year when it was in London and had a really good time.

It was a very early start but it still took us a long time to get there as there was a bad accident on the other side of the motorway.  Once there we had an ok time, but really didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as last year.  I think perhaps the kids were a bit too tired and certainly Alex went from stand to stand without joining in things which isn’t really like her. 

We did very much enjoy the Bang Goes Theory stand where they tried to hammer our fingers and the Land Rover area where they took you round in the cars and went over ramps and stuff – very cool!  We also really liked a stand with all sorts of taste experiments going on (especially as they had free chocolate!!).  I’m not sure we’d go again next year, I think we need a year off from it!!

After Birmingham we headed further south to visit M & M. A lovely evening was had with psychedelic take out curry, but not too late an evening as we had an early start in the morning


I think every journey in to London should be me as a passenger with someone who knows her way and James being directed by someone else – so peaceful!! 😉 And way better than Megabus!! We parked at Cockfosters and got the tube in to the centre. It really didn’t feel like we were actually in London though as it had been so easy and quick! Our first stop was the RI where we had booked in to a lecture about the physics and maths behind superheroes. It was really good and really interesting. I hope the kids got something out of it. I was pleased we were able to actually be in the lecture theatre this time as last time (which I don’t think I ended up blogging about) we were in another room as the lecture theatre was being used for some filming or something.

After the lecture we hopped on a bus to get to the Royal Albert Hall for their Classical Spectacular show. Michelle had mentioned it to me last year as a good thing to go to so I stuck it in the diary and tried not to forget to look for when the tickets were released. I don’t think I’d ever even seen the Royal Albert Hall before on any of my trips to London. Certainly not as an adult, and I don’t remember it as a child – such a gorgeous building.

We were very lucky to get a box on the second tier with great views. It’s so amazing when they come along to open up the door to the box and you go from this rather plain corridor into the box and just see the whole of the hall before you. Just amazing! I probably spent almost all the time there just grinning like a loon and feeling very special 🙂

The show was great too. Mostly pieces we’d heard of even if we didn’t know anything about them and the conductor said a little about each piece at the beginning. There were dancers and soldiers and cannons. Fab! I think my favourite had to be Pomp and Circumstance with all that arm waving and feeling very proud to be British. I was very sad when it was over – definitely want to go again next year!

Afterwards we headed back to M&M’s with a bit of a detour into the Selfridges food hall which is a bit of an experience in itself! Tried hard not to lose the kids!

We were completely spoiled at M&M’s with a fantastic haggis, tatties and neeps dinner with echoes of our Rosemarkie holiday last September and they even opened a bottle of Moet (my absolute fave!) to toast to fab experiences and adventurous spirits (we may have mentioned our plans for next year). It was a perfect end to a perfect day – loved it.

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1 Response to Crazy weekend – part one

  1. Michelle says:

    Can’t comment on exciting travel blog as it wants me to do that captcha thing.

    We did just love having you all here – cant promise Moët every time. We can’t even remember where it came from. We certainly didn’t buy it – someone must’ve brought it once.

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