Ok, so I’m a bit behind.

Sometimes it’s easier to draw a line under the missing weeks and start again or it might well drag on.

We’ve spent the last 4 or 5 weeks getting into some kind of routine with our home ed. I started with great plans of what we’d do and bought books and as soon as we started I realised this wasn’t what I liked or wanted to do. It wasn’t far off it, but just wasn’t quite right. I did some soul searching, some reading around and set ourselves up with a ‘schedule’ of sorts but really in a charlotte mason style which is what I always come back to. We’re starting history at the beginning and using lots of ‘living’ books to read and the kids are narrating back what they’ve read. We’re plodding along with some maths, I haven’t got it quite right what I want there (do I ever with maths?). We’ve started learning Spanish, getting back into Latin, and we’ve been doing some biology work.

The biology (Elemental Science Logic stage) is another thing that has been so so. It’s supposed to be a classical ed type thing, or which I don’t know much about, but I think it’s a lot of writing and memory work which I’m a bit lax on them doing. I like the frame work of it all, as Alex wants to do Biology for her future career as a zoo keeper, so I wanted to get started on it and it covers a lot of stuff. I’ve some other ideas on how to keep it going and have it more how I want it, but we’ll see, it’s still in my head at the moment! I think they’ve enjoyed it so far though so we’ll stick with it for now.

We have all been reading lots. If not encouraged, M & A will not read any fiction books at all so I give them a book I expect them to read each day. I really want it to be a challenging book in terms of length and vocab, but not too much. So this has been a little hard for A who is still finding long books too much. She started with The World According to Humphrey that we got at the library and although I worried it would be too much for her, she managed it just fine. M has just finished The Borrowers 🙂 We’ve been listening to Peter Pan and Harry Potter book 2 on audio as well.

There has been lots of out and abouts going on too. We’ve spent time at our friends house doing history related crafts each week – we’ve made cunieform tablets and canopic jars so far. The kids have started Forest School, we saw lots of films for National Schools Film Week, went behind the scenes at one cinema to see how it worked, we attended a ‘Brook to Blade’ event about the history of our area and how the water power and woods of Sheffield made it perfect to found our steel industry, had a mushroom walk at the nature group and A has been continuing her singing group and has just joined a recorder group too.

Other things we’ve enjoyed were a trip to Manchester to the science festival and tickets to see Bang Goes the Theory Live. It was like a mini Big Bang fair with lots of stalls, we loved the Biology and Chemistry ones with dna extraction, chemical smells and CO2 bubbles. We couldn’t get a good view of the show though which was a shame as there were no chairs and so taller people kept going in front of us all, so we took advantage of quiter times at the stalls instead! We managed a little look round the museum while we were there as well, but it really needed much longer than we had.

Last week was Alex’s 10th birthday and she requested to go to an actual big zoo rather than do a zoo keeper experience at the littler places near us so last weekend we went back over the Pennines to Chester Zoo. It was a long day as we wanted to see as much as we could and althoug we didn’t see everything I think we did fairly well. Alex had a fantastic time and she’s learnt she doesn’t want to work anywhere like the fruit bat enclosure 😉

I’m sure there is loads more I’ve forgotten too, but that shall have to do for now. I might add some pics later 🙂

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2 Responses to Ok, so I’m a bit behind.

  1. Carolyne says:

    My word, you’ve been busy!
    History lessons have been paying off. M was telling us all a load of history facts at B’s party 🙂 very interesting stuff.
    M also got most points in one round of paintball, and destroyed the ogre 🙂 not as educational but very cool.
    See you soon

  2. Michelle says:

    Ah. Thought the Hama bead review was latest one. 🙂 Belated birthday returns to A! (think I may have forgotten to say that). Xx

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