Hama Bead kit review from CraftMerrily

A very good friend of mine over at Patch Of Puddles runs CraftMerrily and she kindly sent us a hama bead kit to review.

We’ve liked Hama beads for ages, but to be honest the appeal of them comes and goes. Alex likes them the most, but Marcus doesn’t mind having a little play around too now and then.

With that in mind I looked round the site for a kit that would appeal to them both and decided to go with the Red Midi Hama Beads Activity Box.

There was great excitement when it arrived (which was good as the parcel also contained some gifts for A’s birthday from Merry’s other site PlayMerrily) and they both set about exploring it. The kit comes with a dragon board and 2400 midi beads. There was also some press pegboards that we han’t used before, having always just done bog standard hama beading! The 2 boards could be made into key fobs, but once the beads are in them, as far as I know don’t come back out.

Marcus isn’t quite into beading as much as Alex is but he got stuck in too and made a key fob. Alex made 2 dragons and a key fob and still has plenty of beads to make many more. Perhaps we’ll have a look round the hama pages of Merry’s blog to see if we can get some inspiration.

We really enjoyed this kit and would certainly recommend it to others. It’s a really good price, just right for presents for family members or just as something for rainy days and is a perfect starter kit for someone new to hama beads.

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One Response to Hama Bead kit review from CraftMerrily

  1. Zoe says:

    These look fab Kirsty! Think I will have to take a look at Merry’s site as we are in a Hama bead phase too 🙂

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