Time to separate?

Brain dump alert 😉

I’ve been looking forward to getting back to some formal, sit down work with my two. Marcus is happy to do anything, but if we leave his education to himself to choose he doesn’t seem to get anywhere and he bumbles around with no real purpose. He much prefers for me to tell him what I expect him to do and he gets on with it. He does get on with it as well, with mostly no whinging (for now!) I always thought Alex was my easy going one, the one that I could rely on to be cheerful no matter what I ask of her, but it’s turning out to not be that way. She really resents sitting down and doing work that I have decided. Actually the work is fine and she’ll do it, but she likes to be the one to be in charge of when she does it.

We’ve always worked at the same level for them both, mostly because there didn’t seem to be much in the way of difference in ability between the 2. There are two school years between them, but only 15 months. Life is easy when you only have to plan once huh? Hmmm. I realised today that it might be easier to plan for them this way, but no matter what, if we decide to do it all this way one of them will suffer. If we go too loose then Marcus will bumble about too much, if we go too formal then Alex will resist.

I’m thinking that perhaps we should have a go at educating seperately. I’m not sure if it will work at all, although they both agree that we should give it a try. Maybe we’ll come across a middle ground that suits us all, or maybe it’s just time we started following different paths for them both. The next few weeks are hopefully going to be enlightening!

One day I’d like to feel like I’ve got it all sorted and I know exactly what I’m doing. Please?

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3 Responses to Time to separate?

  1. Michelle says:

    I usually find that just as soon as I feel like “I’ve got it all sorted and I know exactly what I’m doing” it lasts about a month and then one of mine seems to want more/less/different or a too good to miss opportunity comes up which needs to be fitted in. I try to think of it as going with their needs but usually end up thinking “I’ll never get this right!”.

  2. My boys are like your Marcus…they want a little direction but are excited about doing most of the things I come up with. I half unschool in that I use their interests to tailor how it goes, but I also half CM because they want direction. Homeschooling for me has been a constantly changing thing. I used to do them all together for some subjects but now I seem to have two groups -the youngers and the olders.

  3. Michelle says:

    I found home edding Rose quite different to C even though they are the same school year. Their interests and motivations are very different.

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