Rosemarkie with friends and added dolphins

(This post needs more pics, but I’m in danger of never posting it! Might add more pics later :))

Some friends of ours spent some time up at the Moray Firth in Scotland last year and were successful at seeing dolphins and having a jolly good time while they were at it. I probably failed to hide my jealousy of their holiday 😉 So, when one of those friends said they were planning to be there again this year for their son’s birthday I decided to invite ourselves up and join in the fun!

It sounded such a good idea at the time. Camping in scotland is not for the faint hearted anyway, but as the time was coming near I was starting to wonder if camping in Scotland in September was a little bit too much! Weather forecasts of the remains of Hurricane Katia hitting scotland didn’t help! As it was, we had a good week weather wise with a mixture of rain, wind and sunshine but nothing much in any great quantity.

We stopped off on the way up at a travelodge in Perth and as we were in the area we timed it to be able to see the Red Kites at Argaty which we all really enjoyed. I was really surprised at the amount of food that was put out for the kites though, I was expecting loads as I had seen at a welsh farm but there was probably half a bucket of meat put out. Hardly anything really, but as I understand it, the point of the feeding is to just help the population there and not to impact too much on it. The ranger at the hide was a very friendly photographer who helped everyone who wanted to take pictures of the birds. We’d just bought a second hand, fairly ancient dslr and so were very grateful for the tips! I can’t say that we got any particularly fantastic pics, but we all enjoyed the challenge anyway.

We were still worried about the impending hurricane so set off fairly promptly for the 3 hour second leg of our journey. We arrived in fairly rubbish weather, but only rain and not a jot of wind. The tent went up easily and the pegging wasn’t too bad either. James normally leaves me to do most of the pegs as he then gets on with air bed sorting, but the rain meant that we worked together and it was much better. The kids spent the whole time on the beach just playing and having fun with their friends.

On the second day the blokes decided to do a whisky tour day so we were left with the kids. We spotted dolphins making their way from Chanonry point and so we decided to walk along to see if we could see them close up. The dolphins had pretty much gone, but we saw lots of seals and bird life. We returned again in the evening once James was back from whisky tasting and we were treated to a really close up view of at least 4 dolphins that were about 20 feet from the shore. I was so pleased to have seen them, I knew it was possible to see them, but didn’t want to assume they’d be there! Actually, as the week went on there were fewer and fewer dolphins so we were extremely lucky to have seen what we did. The seals continued to be around though, but I did think they should have done more exciting stuff than just bob around 😉

The days on holiday tended to revolve around visiting the point for dolphin spotting and then going to the local deli for yummy treats. The kids all got on so well while we were there and had such an amazing time fishing, building fires on the beach and star gazing. We brought outside toys and also ds/psp’s for rainy days but not one thing was brought out, the kids sorted their own entertainment!

We had such an amazing time. Highlights were the dolphins, the view ;), our walk to the Fairy Glen to see the waterfalls, our haggis, tatties and neeps shared meal and just feeling happy amongst friends 🙂

We were due to go on to Mallaig on our own after our week with friends but James got an offer of a new job and so we came home early so he could attend some training for that. We’ll have to visit that area another time 🙂

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3 Responses to Rosemarkie with friends and added dolphins

  1. Merry says:

    That just looks lovely 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    You’re still ahead of me. Rosemarkie is the next blog to write. Loved the week. It was a proper break for me :-). With fab friends, no squabbling kids and excellent food and drink. And views 😉

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