Camping weekend

We decided to try camping on a bank holiday weekend last week. I much prefer when sites are quiet so I was unsure about my decision really! We didn’t go far away, but we just wanted another weekend away to test the tent again before our big holiday.

We arrived on the Saturday after I’d been to work to a fairly quiet campsite. I couldn’t believe it – loads of room to run around, fairly flat pitches. Excellent. We pitched up and then we headed back towards Sheffield as we were invited to a family 21st bbq. We had a lovely evening there, Alex and Marcus are the oldest kids of the bunch there with the others being very little. Weird to see them look so old! Alex spent ages taking photos and Marcus enjoyed playing football with the littlies.

We got back at the campsite before dark and settled in for the night. We found a moth in the tent and captured it to have a good look.

Unfortunately the quietness of the site changed as once dark we had neighbours who were very noisy until early in the morning 😦

We had no plans really for the Saturday so the morning was spent poi spinning, taking photos and just chilling. When James had realised we were really close to where a friend of his was buried he said he’s like to go and visit him so we did that after lunch. Felt nice to have done that for him and on the way back to the car we met his friends parents and had a good chat with them too. Also found a rather fab shield bug, seems the more we get into nature the more we spot out and about! I do love shield bugs 🙂

We ended up just down the road from Fairburn Ings so we went there and did some pond dipping.

Back at the site there was more angst from the neighbours as they decided stunt kites being flown over the top of tents were a good idea (grrrrr!). It was fairly windy, but the tent stood up really well despite the fact we pitched it the wrong way into the wind (wasn’t windy when we pitched)

Sunday was a slow pack up. The weekend was nice, but tainted by the groups at the site. Just so noisy. I know when we go away as a group we may be chatty until quite late, but I do think we are fairly respectful of other campers and try not to be loud after certain times. Oh well!

We headed back home via Blacktoft Sands which is my favourite RSPB reserve. I don’tknow why it’s my favourite, it just is. I love it there. We got a fab view of a tawny owl that was sleeping in a tree near the footpath. Apparantly there was a long eared owl just further down as well but someone scared it off just before we got there 😦 We also got he most amazing view of a marsh harrier just in front of a hide (just as James had decided to go back to the car and have a nap). Lots of these butterflies around too. I’m not sure if this is just a large/small white or somethign different. Shall have to investigate!

But for now, work calls….

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