The next chapter

I was just adding links to my old blogs in the ‘about us’ page and realised that when I started my last blog in 2005 it was the beginning of official home ed for Marcus. This year has seen him reach the age of 11 and he has made it through his entire primary life without being to school. So I guess it seems fitting that this new blog coincides with him being of ‘High School’ age.

We’ve spent the last 8 months being fairly hands off educationally. I haven’t done any maths with them, not had any reading requirements, not really had any agenda at all except just enjoying life, getting outside lots and seeing if Marcus or Alex have any burning love of learning itching to get out that I hadn’t noticed. To be honest, being hands off hasn’t been the best for Marcus, I think he does do much better with some structure as he is inclined to spend loads of time on internet games and gets fairly obsessed by them. It is then all he talks about for days and days afterwards and nothing else gets a look in. For Alex it’s been much better, she is a potterer and goes from activity to activity quite happily. But, 8 months in and there is no great strive to learn things. I mean, they still enjoy learning, but there is no itch to find things out themselves and I think I have to admit that that isn’t their way of learning and being. How often do I come to this conclusion though? I’m sure we’ve had periods of no formal work and I’ve always thought the same. Why don’t I listen to myself? Mostly, autonomy doesn’t work well for me as I don’t think I facilitate it very well and tend towards benign neglect!! I’m much better if I have some sort of plan in my head about things to do.

I’ve known for a while that we’d not continue this way of HE, but with summer holidays coming up and the start of M being officially at high school age I figured a bit of relaxing wouldn’t hurt for a bit.

So what’s next? Well I think we’ll get back to doing some Charlotte Mason style home ed as it always works well for us and I feel happy doing it. We’re going to do maths more regularly, lots of stories, art. Nature studies will feature pretty strongly too I hope. Alex wanted a tick sheet again so we’ll probably work on getting that for her again. We’ve not done any formal English work and so might start with Galore Park’s So You Really Want to Learn English as I already have it. We’re also going to give the Biology from here a go. That should keep us going for a bit!

GCSE’s are starting to loom with many friends looking towards doing some. I don’t think we’re at that stage yet but it’s certainly in my mind to think about what we might do and begin to work towards skills that we might need if we want to do them. It’ll be an interesting couple of years in that sense I think.

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2 Responses to The next chapter

  1. Ali says:

    Interesting stuff. Loving that you sound relaxed in terms of knowing that you have different approaches you can offer and recognizing that finding things that suit you and M and A is a process. Really fits with the Life is a Journey title! I got panicked about maths the other day and we’ve been doing more, but as soon as we started I realized there was no need to panic at all, it would all be doable in F’s own time.

  2. Tbird says:

    I’ll be interested to know how you get on with the English book, I’m horribly aware that we are going to have to start doing grammar-ish stuff at some point and I’m in complete denial!

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