I got a bit behind on the old blogging.  I’d like to say it’s because I have been on a week long intensive uni course this past week, but since it’s been a month since I blogged that isn’t going to wash is it?

I’d like to come back with posts and pics of our weekend in Whitby, the Party in the Field and a trip to see friends at the coast, but for now they are stopping me blogging the here and now.

Last week was really busy for me.  For a whole 7 days I had to be up early and out to go on various field trips and dayschools in Sheffield.  Tough because I’m not used to it, but I really enjoyed it all.  I was really looking forward to Sunday though as it was my first day off and I was missing everyone at home.

We decided to have another trip to Bempton Cliffs to try and see some puffins.  We’d gone after our weekend in Whitby but the weather was just atrocious and we didn’t have the staying power to see them.  The weather was just gorgeous today and so we packed a picnic and set off.

It was busy when we got there, and looking at the view once there I wasn’t surprised!  I expected it to be slightly colder on the cliff top but it was just really hot!

The kids were a bit ratty with each other, which made me slightly ratty too.  They had a puffin trail sheet to complete which kept their minds off each other (a bit 😉 )

I was a bit frustrated as I kept seeing birds that could have been puffins but were too far away and I wanted a real difinitive view of one.  At one of the viewpoints there was a very friendly rspb man with a scope set on a puffin and who let us look.  The ‘wow’ and ‘oohs’ from the kids and James meant it was still there!!  I then tried to get one myself and found one and then spent ages trying to describe where to the kids and James so he could get a photo.  Eventually I just took it myself!!

Even though we’d gone to see puffins, I think my favourites here are the gannets.  They are just so gorgeous.  James got a fab picture of 2 sat on rather large chicks!

A thoroughly enjoyable day, wish it wasn’t quite so far away really.

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One Response to Puffins!

  1. janhmmnjan says:

    We saw lots of puffins last week. But I think I like gannets better, specially when they dive.

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