High & Low Force

We went to visit my gran last weekend. She gets a bit lonely up there, and I wish we could go more often, but diesel costs and life get in the way. Anyway, we wanted to go up midweek as J was supposed to have a couple of days off, but he got called back into work so we ended up going on the Sunday.

I had looked into possibly camping, but that was out with J going back to work. But looking at campsites I came across information about High Force waterfall which is about 20 miles from my gran and had a cunning plan to go visit it before seeing her.

It meant we were up really early to get there, but arrived about 10am to a bit of a yucky day. Rain and cold!

The walk was great though. We had to cross an Indiana Jones style bridge

and we saw loads of wildlife, some lapwings in a field nearby with a baby, a grouse, and loads of swallows and house martins. Oh and of course sheep and cows!

It took us about an hour or so to get to the waterfall, but with lots of dawdling and stops to take pictures. We got there eventually though! What a sight, I always find it amazing to think of the amount of water that keeps going over. Where does it come from? lol!

Self timer at the falls 🙂

The walk back was much quicker as we were concerned about time moving on and getting some food for tea, but we stopped before the bridge at low force for some more pics playing about with an app on my phone.

Really loved it there and hope we might go back another time 🙂

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